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Plumbing Services

At Sheets Central Air, Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we’re all about making your plumbing hassle-free. Our team has loads of experience and is super dedicated to keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape, whether it’s for your home or business. We’ve got you covered from bathroom plumbing to gas lines.

As a Fort Wayne plumbing company, we are committed to serving our community and connecting locals to the best Fort Wayne plumbers around!

Plumbing Services Throughout Fort Wayne

From plumbing repairs and maintenance like clogged drains and drain cleaning services, to installing new plumbing upgrades throughout a space, Sheets can handle it all.

Bathroom Plumbing

Keeping your bathroom running smoothly is pretty important. Our expert plumbers are here to help with all your bathroom plumbing needs. Whether you’ve got a leak, a stubborn clog, or any other bathroom issue, we’ve got the skills to figure it out and fix it up as soon as possible.

We can take care of any plumbing issues you’re experiencing and help you upgrade your bathroom with ease.

Here are all of the bathroom plumbing services we offer:

  • Installing bathroom faucets
  • Fixing bathroom faucets
  • Setting up bathroom sinks
  • Repairing bathroom sinks
  • Installing bathtubs
  • Fixing bathtubs
  • Installing showers
  • Setting up toilets
  • Fixing toilets



Gas Line Services

Safety is our top priority when it comes to gas lines. We’re here to make sure your home or business stays safe and efficient with our comprehensive gas line services, including:

  • Gas line installation
  • Gas line repair
  • Gas line replacement


Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it deserves the best plumbing care. We’ve got you covered with services like sink installations, dishwasher hook-ups, and garbage disposal repairs to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

We handle all of your kitchen plumbing needs:

  • Garbage disposal installation

  • Garbage disposal repair

  • Kitchen faucet installation

  • Kitchen faucet repair

  • Kitchen sink installation

  • Kitchen sink repair

  • Water purifier system installation


Leak Detection and Repair

Hidden leaks are sneaky and lead to costly damage. Our state-of-the-art leak detection gear helps us find and fix leaks quickly, saving you from more expensive headaches down the road.

Our skilled techs can patch up leaks in pipes, faucets, and fixtures, saving you money on water bills and preventing potential property damage.


Plumbing Pipe Services

Our plumbing pipe services cover everything from pipe installation to repairs and replacements. We use top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship to keep your plumbing system shipshape and carefully follow strict installation protocols to prevent any bumps in the road.

We can take care of:

  • Pipe repair
  • Pipe replacement
  • Pipe retrofitting
  • Whole-house re-piping


Sump Pump Services

We’ve got your basement’s back when it comes to flooding. Our goal is to keep your home safe from water damage and ensure your sump pump is ready to jump into action when water levels rise.

Our Sump Pump Services Include:

  • Sump pump installation
  • Sump pump maintenance
  • Sump pump repair
  • Sump pump testing


Water Heater Services

Enjoy a hot shower whenever you want with our water heater services. We install, repair, and maintain water heaters to keep your showers cozy and your appliances humming along.

We handle:


Water Softener Installation and Repair

Tired of dealing with Fort Wayne hard water? Our experienced plumbers can install your new water softener system in a single day. Say goodbye to dull clothes and soap scum and hello to fresher water!

If your water softener has gone bust our water softener repair services can help. We’ll figure out what’s going on with your water softening system and make it right, so you can get back to enjoying better water quality.


Why Choose Sheets for all Your Plumbing Service Needs?

We really care about making you happy here at Sheets. Our mission is to serve the Fort Wayne community and provide trustworthy services. Here’s what you can expect from us:


A Wide Range of Plumbing Expertise and Service Offerings

We hire local plumbers and HVAC experts who are committed to getting the job done and doing it right. When it comes to plumbing issues and complicated projects our experienced team has delivered excellent service through it all. No matter the plumbing emergency, we can handle it.


24-hour HVAC and Emergency Plumbing Services

We acknowledge that plumbing and HVAC emergencies can arise at any time, which is why we provide 24-hour emergency service. Regardless of the hour, you can rely on Sheets to provide quick and professional emergency plumbing service.


Convenient Maintenance Plans

Scheduling regular maintenance for your plumbing is crucial to preventing avoidable plumbing breakdowns and ensuring longevity for your plumbing components.

By choosing Sheets, you’re getting a professional and reliable partner for all your HVAC and plumbing needs. Our service agreement customers get faster response times and less waiting during those unexpected HVAC emergencies. It’s all about your comfort and peace of mind.


Flexible Financing Options

The cost of plumbing projects can be overwhelming, that’s why Sheets offers financing options. We partner with Wells Fargo to make it more convenient for our Fort Wayne customers to invest in their home’s comfort. Our flexible payment options, including major credit cards, personal checks, and cash, along with financing, ensure that you can access the HVAC services you need without breaking the bank.


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  • All major credit cards are accepted including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Personal checks and cash are accepted.
  • Financing available with approved credit.

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